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ALU + 102 MM (10 METERS)


Aluminium flexi-ducting to carry the stale air from or fresh air to your grow space when using an in-line fan.

  • Choice of diameters for use with in-line fans and filters
  • Reinforced by a spiral wound wire to maintain it’s cross-sectional area
  • Durable aluminium sheath makes it strong and flexible
  • Economical and easy to use
  • 10 metre length
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How Aluminium Flexi-Ducting works:

Aluminium Flexi-Ducting is a strong spiral wound wire covered by strong but flexible aluminium. Aluminium flexi-ducting is generally used to carry air from your extractor fan/filter to an outlet nearby. It can also be used to carry fresh air into your grow-space from an inlet. The flexi-ducting can easily be shaped around corners and will concertina down to a very short length if needed. The aluminium is fairly tough unless pierced by a sharp object and the wire spiral maintains the circular cross-sectional area throughout it’s length so that air-flow is not restricted by sagging.

How to use Aluminium Flexi-Ducting

Aluminium Flexi-ducting fits directly over the flange of your extractor fan or filter and an appropriately sized duct clip is usually used to hold it tightly in place. The Flexi-Ducting can then be run to your air outlet/inlet. Although Aluminium Flexi-Ducting works fine when run loose, the noise from air-flow through the ducting will be greatly reduced if it is stretched out as much as possible. To reduce Aluminium Flexi-ducting down to the correct length, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the aluminium and a pair of sharp wire cutters to snip the spiral wire in the appropriate place.








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