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Delta Uno is a new liquid root stimulator, completely soluble, dark in colour and with a characteristic odour that is easily and quickly absorbed by the plant.

It is a natural product of vegetable origin, which once processed by fermentation contains sugars, mucilaginous polysaccharides and an important load of vitamins that gives the product high rooting efficiency.

It contains the most important amino acids needed by the plant. The reason for the high glutamic acid content is due to its ability to split into other amino acids according to the plant’s needs and this makes the plant react quickly during the different phases of the vegetative cycle.

It contains plant vitamins acting in synergy with natural hormones, which stimulate the biochemical processes linked to the development of the root system of crops.

It confers healthy and abundant roots (increase the number of secondary roots and root hairs); which implies a greater nutrient absorption capacity, essential for strengthening the plant, for defence against adversities and in the face of stress situations.

Instructions for use:

Use in the germination, vegetative processes and in each transplanting a minimum of 2 applications.


1-2 ml/litre of water NOT calcareous preferably.


Compatible with most insecticides and fungicides used on different crops. Before carrying out a treatment in mixture with other products, a small test should be carried out prior to application to check the suitability of the mixture and/or consult the company’s technical service.






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