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HEMPLEX® is a super concentrate made from fresh seaweed harvested from the Indian Ocean. The manufacturing method, a cell disruption technique without chemical additives by alternating application of heat and cold, produces high quality, pure and stable phytohormones.

The bioactive principles coming from algae stimulate the development of the plant during the whole growing cycle.

COMPOSITION: 100% pure kelp extract (Laminaria sp).

MODE OF ACTION: HEMPLEX® is rapidly absorbed by the plant, accelerating metabolism and increasing nutrient availability. HEMPLEX® increases flower development and resin production. HEMPLEX® stimulates secondary root development in plants where it is applied. HEMPLEX® during flowering improves flower development and final crop yield. HEMPLEX® is not a fertiliser, it is a formulation designed to stimulate all plant cycles in combination with other nutrient solutions. It also acts on mother plants making them more resistant and stronger.

Foliar dosage.






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