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Hesi Coco is THE supplement for flowering on coco substrates. Just like all the HESI supplements, Hesi Coco has been stabilized thanks to complex-binding substances and it is free of unnecessary ballast.

Hesi Coco is not an A & B supplement; the A+B components are united in one bottle.

Hesi Coco contains both organic and mineral nitrogen. All trace elements have been stabilized in protecting complexes and have been enriched with vitamins and other vital elements both for the flowering.

This way, a perfect balance is created in the system and a fast build up of a healthy micro-flora is achieved. It is possible that the EC of Hesi Coco is somewhat lower than other coco supplements because no salts have been

added, since this would only raise the EC and these would be of no nutritional value to the plant (ballast).

It is therefore important that the maximum dose of 50ml / 10L is not exceeded.

Use: Add to feeding water.

Dosage: 50ml / 10L

If you only want a short period of growth (e.g. one week), you can use a 30ml/10L dosage of Hesi Coco instead of TNT Complex.

Colour: Orange

Odour: Vitamin-like

pH: Slightly acidic

EC: 1,6 – 2,2 mS/cm (depending on tap water)






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