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Mildiuprot is a biological inductor of micronutrients mixture (PK) and extract of selected microorganisms that starts the defense mechanisms of the plant thanks to the effect of Potassium Phosphite, and affects directly the development of various mildews and other oomycetes fungi (Pythium, Phytophthora …) caused by different factors (water logging of the soil or poorly drained soil, sudden changes in temperature and humidity, …) in marijuana and other plant crops.

Mildiuprot protects biologically among others against neck, root and trunk diseases. It can be applied up to 10/15 days before harvest.

Mildiuprot is valid for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growing. Biodegradable product without residues.

It’s recommended to apply Mildiuprot in the watering just before or after the application of Botryprot or OidioProt to induce the plant to start their natural self-defense mechanisms.






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