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OIDY 250 ML.


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Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that is usually easy to recognize by its texture in the form of white powder on the leaves and fruits. This pest, very common in outdoor crops, and also indoors, usually manifests itself in humid weather and low temperatures, and is also difficult to eliminate.

Ostroka presents Oidy, its latest product specifically developed to combat powdery mildew pests in the growth and flowering phase of plants.

Oidy is formulated from crude potassium salts, which means that it can be used during the flowering phase since it is a 100% biological remedy. Oidy is an EC fertilizer, elemental sulfur dissolved by oxidation.

Oidy continually releases ozone and molecular oxygen. The presence of ozone and oxygen prevents abnormalities in plants, preventing the entry of harmful microorganisms, creating systemic self-induced resistance.

Another advantage of Ostroka Oidy is that it completely eliminates the sources of infection, leaving a film on the leaf/fruit that prevents the life of the fungus and its proliferation. By creating an environment where the fungus cannot live, it dies and disappears.

Characteristics of Oidy Ostroka

– Origin: Biological.

– For: Prevent and eliminate powdery mildew pests in plants.

– Composition: Raw potassium salts.

– Available sizes: 100ml and 250ml.

– Recommended dose: 1.5-2.5 ml per liter of water.

– How to use: Mix Oidy with water and abundantly spray the leaves and fruits of the plant. It is recommended to spray during hours with low light intensity.

– Do not mix with copper, calcium, amino acids and alkaline products (they produce reaction)






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