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The new Pure Tent grow tent 2.0 version is an airtight enclosure that grants greater control over parameters such as temperature, humidity, and the light provided by the lighting system of your home grow.

Pure Tents are equipped with all the useful extras to allow any type of installation, while still maintaining a competitive price.

The interior is made of canvas covered with Mylar 400 D reflective material lined with rhomboidal stucco, therefore optimising the potential of the chosen reflector.

The exterior is finished in anthracite black.

The new Pure Tent 2.0 series of cabinets also features a model measuring 240×240×200 cm, further expanding the range of available sizes.

The grow tent is easy to assemble and supported by a system of 14-millimetre metal pipes, coated with epoxy resin to increase their durability, which are connected together with sturdy three or four-way corner joints. It also has top bars to easily hang the extraction system or reflectors.

The new Pure Tent 2.0 cabinet has several inlets and outlets for ventilation ducts and a convenient inner pocket for storing frequently used tools, such as measuring instruments.

Dimensions: 80×80×180 cm
Volume: 0.57m³
Reflecting material: Mylar 400 D rhomboidal stucco
Mounting system: 1 mm metal pipes with epoxy resin with three or four-way connectors.


Structure made of 14mm metal-tubes, covered with anti oxidating resine paint; whole cabinet equipped with resistant 3 way corner connectors.

PURE TENT 2.0 VERSION cabinets dispose of different openings for a perfect air management, dispose of an extra equipment bag inside, and come with a second inlay floor.

Best quality price relation.


Pure Tent Growtent








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