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Ultra Quiet Inline Duct Fan TD 250/100 Silent S&P


  • Duct diameter: 100mm
  • Speed [rotations per minute]: 1680/2110 (low/high speed)
  • Capacity max: 200/250 m3/h (low/high speed)
  • Power: 21/27 W (low/high speed)
  • Sound pressure level: 19/24 dB(A) – low/high speed
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Low profile “mixed-flow” fan with sound-absorbent insulation.


Extremely quiet.


Manufactured in plastic material, with a specifically designed internal skin to direct the sound waves in the right angle for them to be captured by the sound-absorbent material.


Manufacturer: Soler & Palau (Spain)


Fitted with rubber gaskets on the inlet and outlet to absorb vibrations, a body that can be dismantled.

Connection box can be rotated 360*, to facilitate easy connection of the power cable.


Speed controlable 230 V 50 Hz motor, of 2 speeds. Motor is IP44, class B, with ball bearings and safety thermal overload protection.


Guarantee: 2 years


– Low profile. The low profile of the TD-SILENT fans makes them the most effective solution for installations where the space of installation is limited such as false ceilings.

– Low noise level. Sound waves produced inside the TD, are directed through the perforated inner skin and absorbed by the layer of sound-absorbent material.

– Easy maintenance. Bi-material support brackets, which in addition to simplifying installation, serve as joint seals.

– Connection box rotated 360°. Connection box can be rotated 360°, to facilitate easy connection of the power cable.

– Flexible washers. Bi-material inlet and outlet incorporating a flexible washer to facilitate installation and absorb vibrations.

– Support bracket. Support bracket for installing on a wall or ceiling, incorporating twin-material support brackets for the motor section that absorbs vibration.

– Easy to mount. Loosen and open clamps on both sides.




64.8 x 33.8 x 28 cm


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