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Ultra Quiet Inline Duct Fan TD-800/200 SILENT 3V N8


Features of the TD-800/200 SILENT helical duct fan:
– Static Pressure: 0.000 Pa
– Temperature: 20 ° C
– Density: 1.2 Kg / m³
– Frequency: 50 Hz
– Drive diameter: 200 mm
– Fan size: 200
– Weight: 8,70 kg
– Number of Poles: 2
– Voltage: 1-230V-50Hz
– Maximum current absorbed: 0.5 A
– Protection index: IP44
– Motor class: B


Made of plastic material, with acoustic elements (perforated internal structure that directs the sound waves, and sound-absorbing interior insulation that dampens the radiated noise), removable body-motor without touching the ducts, rubber gaskets in delivery and discharge to absorb the vibrations, 360 ° adjustable external terminal box, IP44, 3-speed 230V-50Hz motor, adjustable by voltage variation, Class B, permanently lubricated ball bearings, condenser and thermal protector.




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