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B.A.C. Funky Fungi consists among others of 4 types of Mycorrhizas. By applying these fungi in combination with our B.A.C. stimulators, they will more rapidly and constantly concentrate around the root system of your plants. The term Mycorrhiza comes from Greek and means fungus root’. It is a symbiosis of plants with certain fungi. Mycorrhiza fungi are essential for the survival of all plants in nature. They are perfectly adapted to find water and minerals in the soil and pass these through to the plant. The plant, in its turn, produces the necessary carbon skeletons which serve as nutrients for the fungus. Both parties benefit from each other and that is the reason why more than 99% of all plants form this symbiosis. These fungi grow in and around the plant roots. From the roots they develop further into the soil where they create a dense maze of fine fungus threads. This enlarges the root system, resulting in an improved absorption of water and minerals like phosphorous, potassium and trace elements. The fungi can access soil cavities that are too small for the plant roots and make bonded elements available for absorption by the plant.






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