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Hesi ClonFix is a rooting hormone solution in a viscous form, which ensures fast rooting of cuttings. ClonFix contains a synthetic rooting hormone that works just like natural rooting hormones. Natural rooting hormones (auxine) is produced by the plant itself in the leaves, but it takes too long for this to get to the end of the new cutting. For

this reason a rooting hormone is applied to the basal end of the cuttings, by dipping tem in ClonFix. ClonFix penetrates rapidly into the stems and closes the basal end, so that the rooting hormone remains in the stem for a long period, stimulating rapid production of new roots.

The stem must only be dipped into the ClonFix solution between 3 mm up to 5mm, because an excess of rooting hormone is counter-effective and slows down the growth rate of new roots. ClonFix is suitable for all cuttings media.

ClonFix instructions for use:

1. Place al little ClonFix in a separate cup.

2. Dip cuttings 3-5mm into the Hesi ClonFix.

3. Place into chosen plant medium (rockwool, soil, perlite etc).






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